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What colour lipstick?

I have dark hair, light blue eys and pale I suppose, though I hate it! I read that red lipstick looks good with dark hair, does it look good with pale skin? Or is it a bit vampish. I have never tried red before, will it stand out too much?What colour lipstick?
My colouring sounds similar to you and recently i went to buy some mac foundation, and asked for advice on other products.She told me to avoid (on cheeks and lips)anything with blue/purple tones because they are quite draining to people with pale skin she suggested peachy tones.Have to be honest peach makes me think of the lipstick my grandmother wore but i let her try it and i love it.I took a very very !!peachy blush but only use tiny amount on brush and looks great.The lipstick is quite subtle with a slight sheen and 2 people have said to me that its a lovely colour .Maybe go to a counter and ask advice.i love make up!!!!What colour lipstick?
pale lipstick with clear gloss is the fashion now, it would suit you...
I would try it out maybe not a really bright read though!
I have blue eyes/pale skin, and i really don't like red lip stick on me. It looks to bright, and stands out alot. I like soft pinks, and apricot colors. But if your trying to make the main attention your lips, then try something darker.

But make sure you wear what you think look goods on you!

Experiment, and have fun!
i wouldnt wear bright colourd lip stick i would wear more natural colours x
It will feel strange at first but yes red will look good. Try putting it on at home so that you get used to yourself with such a different colour lipstick. That way you wont feel so self conscious when you go out wearing it
i think pink would suit u better....but with the right eyeshadow and blusher red would be great
I wearing lipstick no 216 Royal Red by Constance Carroll at the moment. I have dark hair and I`m over 50. If I looked too vampish I`m sure my husband would have said so, `cos he can be very critical! Go for it, get one and try it. I don`t like to look too `pale`, makes me look bland, boring and plain!
I also have dark brown hair, light coloured eyes and a pale complexion. Red lipstick is too 'draining'. I find that a coral pink or goldy peach colour is much more flattering.
Its bad enough that colour has been done to death with Celebrity Big Brother without YOU starting on about colour as well!!

By the way - if you wear a small amount of make-up so you accentuate what you have, that is way more attractive!

And your beautiful anyway!

go to they have like the best advice about what you should wear.. try it, i did it and its cool!
girl if you put red lipstick you will be the joke of the night.

I suggest you put a little bit of gloss or a light brown line on your lips with gloss in the middle.
do NOT do that, it will make you seem like you are trying to grab attention, also it will make you look even paler than you already are!!! use something like pink, go for a natural look, it will make you look relaxed, and effortless put together.. :)
I think it would look awesome did you see Cameron Diaz at the golden globes? Her hair is now dark brown and she has blue eyes she had a lovely red lipstick on and looked beautiful.I say go for it!
It looks great with pale skin, just go for a cool toned red, not an orangey one. It's very in with the forties revival at the mo.

What color lipstick would look best on my skin complexion? pics included?

It is extremely difficult for me to find a lipstick that is not too overbearing for my complexion. If I wear a bold red, it is too vibrant.. and I am too dark for a sheer pink. What color would you suggest? I would also like to know from someone who knows about make up, whether my skin has red undertones or yellow.

-thanks color lipstick would look best on my skin complexion? pics included?
i would go to MAC and get matched by someone. MAC has alot of nice shades of lipstick but for darker women i love Fresh Moroccan for the perfect red, Brick-O-La for a nice pinkish berry color and Strength for natural days.

Most darker women have red undertones but can get away with a cool (yellow) foundation. Your also not to dark for sheer pinks i loveee Love Nectar on darker gals!What color lipstick would look best on my skin complexion? pics included?
if ur complexion is same of ur avtar/icon then nothing is suit on you. But pink is the forever colour to use.
Try a coral color. I would also go to a MAC or Bobbi Brown counter and try them out. The makeup artists there are really good at picking out colors that are great with your skin tone.
ask the shop they know everything :D
Find a color that matches the color of your gums and tongue
Test the Bobbi Brown makeup at the cosmetic counter - I think her colors are practically foolproof. Good luck!:)
Bright yellow
well your face looks a bit dark, get something light on that as it has a big black mark on, is this a permanent marker? try rubbing it with a brillo pad.

Does your lipstick/lipgloss and nail color need to match?

I usually wear plum lipstick and I wanna paint my nails red but that would DEFINITELY not match. What all has to match (purse, shoes, etc.)? thanks!Does your lipstick/lipgloss and nail color need to match?
Every woman has a different makeup personality, and some have more than one depending on the day of the week, who鈥檚 meeting them later and how bold she鈥檚 currently feeling. The last thing you want to do is have your make-up match. Because many other people do the same. They would attempt to match their eyeshadow or lipstick with their outfit. But if you do that it looks as if you鈥檙e trying a bit too hard. Which is not a good thing!

You want to make your make-up look more of a dewy natural look. Which means looking as if you鈥檝e just stepped out of the waterfall in the middle of paradise. The perfect complexion drenched in beauty!

The secret to a dewy look starts with beautiful skin. Use an exfoliater to get rid of dry skin cells, then follow with a moisturizer to give the skin a healthy glow.

Choose eyeshadow with a touch of shimmer to add a luminescent shine. Avoid glitter, though , as an idea behind a dewy look is to look fresh and glowing, not sparkling bright! Shiny lips are an absolute must.

If you want to add color, try filling in lips with a liner, then gloss over the top.

Don鈥檛 forget to groom the eyebrows with an eyebrow brush. While you don鈥檛 want them to detract from the rest of your complexion.

When applying makeup for a dewy look-or any look, actually-remember that whenever you put the makeup on first is where it will stick out the most. Blot it all around , then smooth it out. This way you won鈥檛 have a darker spot of blush or a brighter spot of foundation.鈥?/a>


For Bronze/Tan/Olive Skin tone:

Choose Firefly

For Fair/Light Skin tone:

Choose Braisin

For Light/ Medium Skin tone:

Choose Peach Goddess

For Dark Skin

Choose Cream Soda鈥?/a>


For Bronze/Tan/Olive Skin tone:

Choose Like Mink

For Fair/Light Skin tone:

Choose Deco Dense

For Light/ Medium Skin tone:

Choose Twice Spice

For Dark Skin:

Choose Posh Squash鈥?/a>


For Bronze/Tan/Olive Skin tone:

Choose Sunset Glow

For Fair/Light Skin tone:

Choose Aglow

For Light/ Medium Skin tone:

Choose Mysterious Mocha

For Dark Skin:

Choose Precious Posy

If you cannot afford the pricing of the following. I recommend trying these Neutrogena products, available at a drugstore near you!

Skin: Healthy Skin Radiance System featuring Exfoliating Wash, Moisturizer and Boost Eye Cream

Cheeks: Neutrogena Shimmer Sheers in Charmed

Lips: MoistureShine Gloss in Twinkle.

Eyes: Skin Soothing Eye Tints in Honey Shimmer, and Weightless Volume Wax-Free Mascara in Brown/Black.

I hope this helps!Does your lipstick/lipgloss and nail color need to match?
if ur clothes,lipstick,nailpolish, shoes,bag,makeup

earings.if everything matches it would look very nice. i say if everything matches it would look nice.but if u dont have anything matching it doesnt matter at all.
normally i dont thing it does as long as it does not look bad together but we hace rules for cheerleaders that it does.
If you like them to match ,sounds like a good idea . I never thought about them matching.

I going to need to remember that next time an try it, maybe have matching everything on
mmmm they dont have to match, but if I were you, wear something that would match the red on your nails if your lipgloss/lipstick dosen't match anything else.
erm even though i'm not a fashion guru, i know that whatever is on your lips does not necessarily have to be the same as your nails.

for example, if someone has a french manicure which is black, will the person then have to have a black lip outlined white? of course not!

well... just dont CLASH. some people put on make up too old for their age. even if the colour scheme is not the same, just dont clash.

match can be determined by how well they go with each other...

if you're going for a casual look, dont go for stilettoes. that i know.

goood luck! sorry but i'm not much of an expert here..
well you never match your purse to your shoes. you match your purse to the color of clothing that you are mostly wearing. like if you are wearing black then use a black purse. you should coordinate nail polish to what you are wearung also. a french manicure goes with everything. i get my nails professionally done with a french. but like if you are wearing gren wear a light purple or if you are wearing blue use red nail polish and so on and so forth. you should always wear comfortable but fashionable shoes. again you should wear color coordinating shoes. if you are wearing dark colors wear a shoe that is bright to bring out the outfit. if you are wearing bright colors i would just wear a black shoe. always make sure your jewlwery matches if you are wearing browns you should wear gold jewlery.if you are wearing white you should wear gold. other colors i would wear silver. one more thing for your pants always wear a straight leg. it will make you look thinner and taller. you should also wear pointy toe shoes that have a heel. i will make you look so hot.
It doesn't matter what matches to other people. It's all about what YOU want 'cause there will always be one person that doesn't like the way certain things look when put together. So, do whatever you want!
I personally don't match my nails to my lipstick. It would be to cordinated. But there's no prob with plum lipstick and red nails. As far as the clothes go. I'd wear a belt that matches my nails. You do want to over do the accessary dept.
Shoes and purse matching is total fashion faux pas now.

Some fashion magazines emphasize matching nails and lipstick, and you can totally do that.

But the only way to have them not match and not look totally tacky is to have one neutral. I mean, red fingers and purple lips will CLASH! But a neutral, skin colored lip with a bright nail will be fab.

A neutral nail (French, Pale Pink ((FROSTS ARE OUT!)) or a Taupe color) with bright lips will work also. Hope this helps!

your nail v and lipstick dont have to match but it always look nice if your bag match your shoes well thats what i think
well ur makeup should definitly match a little bit but u dont have to be obbsesive about it doesnt have to match perfectly
I'm not that into matching as much as I use too. Your colors represent who you are.. I would go with what you feel.

Wear the red nails and the plum lipstick, you'll stand out.
  • celebrity hair
  • I am trying to find a good red lipstick?

    What is a good red that will last and will be good for an underwater photoshoot

    ..I am trying to find a good red lipstick?
    okay it's not a lipstick it's a lipgloss but it almost looks like it but anyway it's covergirl ';outlast smooth wear all day lipcolor'; in candy red satin 835 okay so this lipgloss/lipstick comes in two products first u have the lipgloss which will give u the red color ur looking for and this lipgloss once u put it on wait like a minute and then u put the second lip thing they have which is clear and that gives u the shine and gloss and helps make ur lips look smooth but the first lip color u apply is what amkes the color saty all day long u have to rub it off with a wet towel and still it's hard come off this will be great for underwater shoot it wont comeoff there are other products in covergirl that stay long and ina rich red color just look for them hope i helpedI am trying to find a good red lipstick?
    lol really u have wow coz i use it and i like u just have to apply the clear lipproduct on a couple of time to make ur lips smooth but after that it's good to go but anyway what ever works for and glad to help out Report Abuse

    a good one i've used is by rimmel london,it's in a shade called scream.really durable,available at wlamart.i don't know if it'll stay underwater,pretty sure it will,it's amazingly durable.
    what you need to do is find a lipstick that is red and will last underwater..Good luck with your search sweety
    NARS...stays on pretty well

    What does it mean to be a ';RED-LIPSTICK PERSONALITY';?

    I've worked in retail and have heard a few people say it...what does it mean?What does it mean to be a ';RED-LIPSTICK PERSONALITY';?
    In my mother's day it would mean to be a prostitute. Today, though, I think it means having an outgoing and confident personality.What does it mean to be a ';RED-LIPSTICK PERSONALITY';?
    i'm not sure. but women who wear red lipstick are generally, sexy, brave, and don't care much about what others think. i own red high heels.....i'm getting there!
    It means, they better stay away from my face.
    i think it means you have a bright personality

    What colour lipstick is this Avon model wearing???鈥?/a>

    What colour lipstick is this Avon model wearing???
    It looks like it could be Sugar Cane in the Beyond Color Plumping line or Brown Sugar in the Glazewear line. What colour lipstick is this Avon model wearing???
    dont know but you could ask your avon rep
    err its nude aint it? x
    pretty... i'd say nude.

    Does anyone know where I can find the lipstick revlon super lustrious bare beginnings? This was discontinued.?

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